Vineet Mishra

They say every journey begins with a single step and so did mine, it all began with a single step towards achieving my goal. It was the first time that I went forward for fitness modelling and I met Mr. Sumit Banerjee in the 2015 Fitfactor audition posing and grooming guidance class. He then invited me to be a team Sumit athlete. At that time my weight was approximately 60kg, I was pretty lean but lacked muscle definition and density. I began my training during the fit factor finale and focused only on conditioning, which fetched me a place in the top 20. Post this achievement I began game preparation under Sumit Sir's guidance and went through the entire process of gaining and then cutting. Sir focused on my weaker muscle groups such as deltoids and arms. All the work out on me and all the endless days of disciplined training paid off with the following milestones:

2016 october- jerai state tour champion 2016 november- fit factor regional champion 2016 december- fitexpo champion

Post all of this I weighed 64-67kgs, lean muscle with size. After January 2017, we started our next season preparation. The gaining phase catapulted my weight to 76kgs+ . The muscle density was outstanding. My weak muscle groups become much stronger. During this period my diet and workout routine had immense variation. Strength, stamina, endurance and motivation, everything took a huge jump.

We had planned to reach a different level this year and hence had training like that during gaining itself. August 2017 had me back at cutting and we've been cutting very slowly. The most surprising thing is that even after shredding, the size has held on. Also, muscle conditioning, density, definition and maturity have peaked to levels way beyond thought. During the cutting period I had cheated a few times, but sir's immense motivation, his diet and training got me back on track. This year I've set my sights on the upcoming events: fitexpo17, federation cup, team boss classic, junior national, senior national.

In the end I have only one thing to say, wherever I am is a simply because of my coach, he has guided me and made me whatever I am, is direct contribution of his work on me. Thank you sir. Forever indebted to you.

Please let me know when are you delivering me the website. I was suppose to get it yesterday.