Who am I?

Sumit Banerjee is one of the fastest growing Men's Physique Athlete in the fitness industry and the most influential fitness promoter. Not only is his mission in life to inspire young individuals but he always tried and sends a positive message out to the world on a daily basis. He is the current Mr. India Men's Physique Overall Champion and an international athlete. He is the Founder & Director of "TEAM RIPPED" having 17 athletes. "TEAM RIPPED" is proud to be India's first ever contest prep team.

Coming from humble beginnings, little did Sumit Banerjee know the heights he would rise to, through sheer determination and strength of mind. He faced many hardships to reach where he now is. With winning Sr. Mr. India 2017 Men’s Physique Overall Champion, Sumit’s journey has in many ways just begun but he is determined to enjoy not just the final stop, but the ride as well. Growing up, as an avid fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sumit used to spend hours watching all his movies, and somewhere in his subconscious settled the idea that someday perhaps he too could have a physique like that. Daily life and its realities came in the way and Sumit stepped into the real world with its demands and responsibilities. An IT professional for 16 years, Sumit was determined to awaken the sport of bodybuilding in West Bengal once again. In January 2011, he decided to join a gym with the sole goal of building a good physique. Hooked, he seriously contemplated getting into bodybuilding. But he had to face a lot of resistance from the people who he turned to for advice and support. He was told he would not be able to achieve his body building goals with a full time job, as being a professional in that field required a lot of hard work and a strict diet. Instead of being discouraged, however, Sumit took this on as a challenge and was even more determined to show just what he was capable of if he put his mind to it. In his first season, he attended several competitions of which he won or placed in most. He went on to win the titles of Kolkata Shree, and Mr. Bengal 4times. Due to an accident he had to stop competing for sometime. But his first love has always been fitness, so taking fitness as a career option was a natural choice. He has introduced Men's Physique in the Eastern India and has already organized different fitness shows, expos, and competitions. He is the first ever sponsored athlete from Eastern India. He is a TEAMBOSS official athlete. Presently he is being sponsored by ProTan (USA), Ritebite Max Protein, Bodyline Sports, and Omtex Sports. He was the chief judge for FitExpo 2016 for Men's & Women's Physique category. It had certainly not been a bed of roses for him. Today every man wants a toned body six pack abs and biceps, but not many are willing to earn it. Working out in itself is hard work and doing it Sumit- style, for 3 hours a day with a severe diet, is even harder.

He got into this field to create an identity for himself, and to prove that hard work really does pay off. For Sumit though, Bodybuilding and Men's Physique is not just about building muscles and having a good physique to show off. More importantly, it is something that keeps one fit, increases self-confidence and strengthens one’s immune system. He also believes that there is no substitute for hard work. He advises that people should be very disciplined in their diet which accounts for about 80% of the training program. He continues to be one of the most inspirational and popular fitness stars across all social media. With a stringent diet and a workout schedule that is back breaking, Sumit has shown that pure passion and determination is what will pave the way to his final goal of winning the titles of Mr. World. He has been known as the conditioning king of India.