"My name is Jayaram Sekhar. I'm a fitness freak and dreamer of achieving super form like men's physique athletes. In the past I started my journey with zero knowledge but later I started growing and achieving new tips and tricks but I know they were not enough for my dream. So I suddenly approached the Olympian Men's Physique Runner up "Sadik Hadzovic", I took 4 week plan for competition for finale of fit factor 2017 and I gain good lean mass and best form but still I failed. One thought keep me hopefully if guy from outside the country made me this better than if I approach the person In India who would I turn like, here comes I'm observing a person from last one year I saw this growth in teaching and personal capabilities while at the other end he (himself) evolving like super god form and I make a quick decision and approached him and said that I'm going to pay after 2 months and you know what happened after two months that super form achieved a Mr. India Men's Physique 2017 title among tough competitors. After he became a champion I message him that I will start training from next week and pay the amount, and he said okay and never asked me more money than previous figure because he is not a person of money mind kind, he is hardworking and honest and humble else he would ask me more money because he won Mr. India Title. These all facts told me and made me strong to begin my journey. I start my journey in Apirl 2017 will in not time a normal person turned into better than ever and till date November 2017, only I can tell that the protocols and effects he puts together we made a team work and made a such strong bond of teacher and student. While I'm happy with my present physique and I thanked Sumit Sir and you know what he said "this is the beginning buddy" later we are going be best and bring glory of champ. Thank you very much Sir for your words and support and help at all times. If some is looking like me for better , best teacher & guru here comes the conditioning king "Mr. Sumit Banerjee "Excellent useful content.this is only possible by #TheConditionKing #TheChamp #MostHonestAthlete #veryhumbleperson

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