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A chiseled body, an awe inspiring physique, or just to lose some weight? Or are in interested in participating in bodybuilding / men’s physique competitions? If so, your search stops here. You have come to the right place. I believe that to achieve sustained results, be it weight loss or participating in competitions, the key lies in a systematic training program that includes daily Strength training workouts, and a strict nutrition plan. Every element of a training program has a vital role to play in your overall appearance and success. This is what I offer you – guidance every step of the way to realize all your fitness aspirations.


I am happy to announce that this was the best decision of my life till date that I have joined Sr. Mr. India Men's Physique....


This is a program geared for all those wanting to compete in a fitness or bodybuilding competitions- for those who want that upper edge over the


I started working out 3 months ago under the guidance Mr. Sumit Banerjee. I followed his scientific protocols and diet plans.


I am available to share my expertise via online coaching for those in different states/countries to achieve their weightloss/gain, physique

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"From the time I was a kid, I have always been overweight. I have, over the many years, tried various ways to lose weight, from gyms to yoga to crash dieting. If I was lucky, doing all this I would lose a little weight but it would always come back. At one point in my life I hit 90 kgs. Standing at 5 ft 6 inches this was a lot of extra weight. I put on a lot of weight in 2012, ...while job hunting and by July 2013, I was at 88 kgs. I had trouble climbing stairs and I hated taking photos. I decided enough was enough and I needed to lose the weight. But I knew I couldn't do it alone.That's where Sumit Banerjee stepped in. With his experience and background in premium training. He put me on a proper workout and diet schedule. I gave it my 100 % and reached 68kgs in about 2.5 months.Without his guidance, training and support, I know I wouldn't have managed this. I feel younger, happier and more alive.

I lost weight as well as learnt discipline which will help in all areas of my life. My journey is far from over. But I took the first step. So can you! Sumit can help you in your transformation! - Marina Patrao"



"Every fitness model, every athlete & every bodybuilder in the world has to work hard and lead a disciplined lifestyle in order to be the best. What adds the X-factor is the presence of a guide. I found my guide in Mr.Sumit Banerjee, who trained and pushed me beyond my own limitations.In the field, my training methodology and the style completely changed. Sumit sir’s workout proved to be one the most difficult as well as the most effective workouts ever. Sumit sir’s constant motivation, check on my conditioning and priceless feedback pushed me beyond my own capability, giving me a real time outlook on my progress.Sumit sir is one of the famed names of Kolkata – an idol for me. The greatest thing that I received during this period has been knowledge to transform and train my body at will.

At the end, all I can say is, “Sir, thank you so much. It has been your motivation, your guidance, your tips and most importantly your care and support that has bought me where I'm. As I student, I will always be indebted to you for being there with me when I needed a true guide the most"



I am happy to announce that this was the best decision of my life till date that I have joined Sr. Mr. India Men's Physique and the most humble athlete Sumit Banerjee after my MBA it was hard to convince my parents that I was interested in bodybuilding but I took the step and it was worth now I am so much happy with my transformation that I can’t express in words it has been only 6 months so far but I can see a drastic change in my body and I am so happy with that I look myself in mirror and ask sometimes like this is really me? Through his continuous support and hard work I have achieved a good physique and can see my goal very clearly at last I would like to say that he really work hard for his athlete like a big brother and he is very supportive in every aspects.



I started working out 3 months ago under the guidance Mr. Sumit Banerjee. I followed his scientific protocols and diet plans. My starting weight was 133kg and after the 3 months it came down to 112kg. The workout experience is fun and not hard at all. I am highly motivated by Mr. Banerjee's inspiring words. With the weight loss many of my health problems are gone. Thanks to Mr. Sumit Banerjee for guiding me.



My name is Subradip Dutta. I have always been into competitive sports in high school and college. After college I started lifting weights and 5 years of weight training wanted to take it to the next level and just see if I can compete my first show was post September in the 65kg bodybuilding division. I placed last in my earlier competition and thought of giving a new try in the Men's Physique division in Nov'17. Going into my first contest prep I was most fearful about the food aspect. Then I met Mr. Sumit Banerjee who set me up with flexible dieting and carb cycling and completely changed my perception on the subject. I was able to lose fat and gain lean mass increasing my food intake and still enjoying the food I love. I love weight training and have been doing so consistently now for about 6 years. I never had a problem building my upper body but my legs have been a struggle. During this off season in preparing for another show my Coach Sumit Banerjee gave me a training program which really helped me on developing my legs. He switches up the program every 4 weeks with different methods of training. There is truly a science behind how he programs these workouts and it is very interesting to be a part of the entire journey. My experience working with my coach has been incredible. I have learned more in the past 12 months then I have ever expected. He has completely changed my thinking when it comes to food and “dieting”.

He taught me not to over think of my food choices and to have a balanced healthy diet while still enjoying things you love. Coach Sumit Banerjee is a wealth of knowledge and he is always happy to share all his information’s. Mr. Sumit Banerjee is the Founder and Director of "Team Ripped." It is a great group of his athletes who all share the same goals and interest, all are supportive and willing to answer any questions. They make the rookies like myself feel comfortable and not intimidated. The service that my coach provides is more than I expected. He makes you feel comfortable and is available to answer any and all sort of questions, with this being my first prep he was very helpful in finding me a posing coach and guiding me through the process right to the end. Working with my coach and being a part of "Team Ripped" is well worth the money you pay. They make the process enjoyable and fun and the knowledge you gain from them is priceless. I am very excited to see what this year brings working with my coach Sumit Banerjee and to see how far we can take it this time around.



I have joined Sumit Banerjee sir 2 years ago but I was not so serious that time because of some injuries I had. But finally a few months ago I joined him again with a mind set of achieving my goal and trust me within 4 months he transformed me so good that I can't believe. This is just like a magic and I am so happy with my transformation. He is a very nice and good person and I am proud to be a part of his team.